• 1. Avoid an agent who just tells you what you want to hear to get your listing.

    Why? You hire a professional to guide you with truth and integrity.

  • 2. Avoid an agent who charges a processing or transaction fee.

    Why? Isn't 5-7% commission enough? Processing the transaction is part of what they get paid for.

  • 3.Avoid an agent who has less than 20 listings.

    Why? Too few listings gets too little exposure to make the phone ring.

  • 4. Avoid an agent who has more than 45 listings.

    Why? Unless the agent has 10 people on his team, it's too many listings to give quality, individual service.

  • 5. Avoid passive marketing agents.

    Why? If classified ads, open houses and signs were enough to get homes sold, you wouldn't need an agent at all.

  • 6. Avoid agents who do not have a team.

    Why? If an agent doesn't have any staff, he's doing paperwork when he should be prospecting for your buyer.

  • 7. Avoid discount agents who charge low commissions.

    Why? You get what you pay for. Great agents know how to get you to a closing with less problems and usually a better price too.

  • 8. Avoid pseudo full-time agents who have another job besides real estate.

    Why? You wouldn't consider a doctor or lawyer who only worked nights and weekends, would you?

  • 9. Avoid single town agents who specialize in only 1 main town.

    Why? Homes sell for more when they get maximum exposure. Buyers in all areas should hear about your home.

  • 10. Avoid agents who won't promise a minimum of once a week updates.

    Why? If an agent or his team can't update you with feedback every week, they are not serving you.

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